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Patrick de Montmollin

Patrick de Montmollin, Master of Law (Lucerne/Neuchâtel)
Co-founder | Managing-Partner

Patrick de Montmollin was born and raised in Swiss German but is of Neuchâtel origin and a native French speaker.

Perfectly trilingual in French, Swiss-German and German, Patrick de Montmollin first underwent scientific training in Neuchâtel and Lausanne before obtaining a Bachelor's degree in law at the University of Neuchâtel and then a double bilingual Master's degree in law at the Universities of Neuchâtel and Lucerne.

Patrick de Montmollin benefits from a very solid additional training in the fields of advocate and notary's office as well as a rich professional experience in the cantons of Bern, Vaud, Fribourg and Neuchâtel.

Patrick de Montmollin specialises in corporate law, having practised with his family in his youth and since the end of his university studies. He will assist you in all related procedures. Similarly, Patrick de Montmollin is an experienced translator and interpreter, having specialised in these disciplines since 2012. Moreover, because of his training as a notary and lawyer, Patrick de Montmollin has specialized in mandates for advance care directives, patient decrees and testamentary dispositions. Whether these arrangements are made under private or authentic signature, DMR PARNERS is there for you. Patrick de Montmollin has worked in a hospital environment, particularly in geriatrics, which allows him to perfectly master the personal, practical and professional aspects of the people requiring his services.

Thanks to his personal, academic and professional background, Patrick de Montmollin has contacts all over Switzerland and beyond, to serve you as well as possible and as close as possible to your needs. He also offers negotiation, conciliation and mediation services, as well as an arbitration service, in duo with Dr. iur. Olivier Riske.

Patrick de Montmollin is the co-founder and Managing-Partner of DMR PARTNERS as well as holder of the sole proprietorship "Patrick de Montmollin, DMR, Legal Services & Translations".


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