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Amicable conflicts resolutions

DMR PARTNERS strives to resolve as many conflicts as possible through extra-judicial means, by (re)initiating dialogue between the people who call on us and by allowing everyone to be heard.

Thus, in all its activities, DMR PARTNERS offers those who so wish the opportunity to settle their conflicts amicably through mediation or conciliation, subject of course to professional confidentiality.

In the event of a dispute with the administration or a dispute requiring one or more legal proceedings, DMR PARTNERS receives, if such intervention is legally prescribed, experienced and specialised lawyers in order to offer you the best possible chances of success. These lawyers obviously work at least in the three national languages as well as in English.

Conciliation is intended to bring people to an agreement, to reconcile or reconcile them through active participation in debates where the conciliators will try to bring the parties to a consensual and lasting agreement.

Mediation also aims to achieve a consensual and lasting agreement between the parties, using a neutral, impartial and independent mediator. Unlike conciliation, during mediation the parties are led to find the solution to their problem themselves by managing the exchanges and being guided by the mediators' targeted questions, with DMR PARTNERS always working in pairs.

Whether it involves conciliation or mediation, DMR PARTNERS offers you empathy, listening and legal explanations and proceeds step by step in optimal conditions and in a neutral and discreet setting that allows the conciliation or mediation to take place in a privileged manner. Whatever the dispute you are facing, DMR PARTNERS will guide you towards the best solution for you, whether extra-judicial, administrative or, if necessary, judicial.

Negotiation will take place "in support" of, for example, pre-contractual, contractual or extra-contractual talks, whether DMR PARTNERS represents one, several or all of the parties jointly.

DMR PARTNERS strives to serve its clients and preserve their contractual relationships, whatever they may be, by leading them to win-win solutions with their co-contractor(s). 

If necessary, our clients may also have recourse to our services in arbitration, ad hoc or institutional, national or international.

The idyllic, discreet and very accessible location of our office provides an ideal setting for your talks and allows you to conduct your business or projects at your convenience and at your own pace.


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