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Rates - Professional secrecy - Representation


Our rates depend on the complexity of the cases entrusted to us and can be calculated on a time basis, on a lump sum basis or by special agreement. In all cases, a fee agreement and/or quotation will be submitted to you. In our opinion, people with modest incomes should never be prejudiced and a solution can always be found.

Legal regulations

For example, translations, interpreting services, fiduciary services, notarial fees and lawyers' fees are subject to special regulations which will naturally be discussed and included in the fee agreement and/or quotation. Some services are subject to federal regulations, while others are subject to cantonal regulations. DMR PARTNERS is familiar with these aspects and will be happy to guide you through any steps you may wish to take.

Professional secrecy

DMR PARTNERS submits to professional secrecy, as a moral obligation, but also as a fundamental point of its activity and professional ethics, offering its services in total confidentiality.


DMR PARTNERS ensures your representation within the framework of the mandates entrusted to it. If the lawyers' monopoly is applied, DMR PARTNERS monitors cases with maximum efficiency thanks to its many trusted contacts in all regions of the country and beyond. The lawyers providing such follow-up work at least in the three national languages as well as in English. They come to our Firm, unless there are special requests or needs, in which case your DMR PARTNERS representatives will accompany you outside their offices.

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