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Notaries & lawyers


DMR PARTNERS ensures that notarial deeds are notarised by Bernese notaries on its own premises, which are located in Villars-les-Moines, i.e. on Bernese soil, where the official cantonal languages are German and French. The deeds are thus notarised in both German and French and a live translation and interpreting service is provided by DMR PARTNERS for French, German, Swiss-German, Italian, English and Albanian. For other languages, interpreter and translator partners come to our office.

In Switzerland, the notary can only practise in the canton for which he is authorised to practise - except where inter-cantonal reciprocity has been agreed. This principle limiting the territorial scope of activity of notaries is mitigated by the fact that, with few exceptions, it mainly concerns real estate law, i.e. the drafting of deeds of sale and mortgages on real estate. Company law, one of DMR PARTNERS' specialities, for example, is not limited geographically. Thus, a Bernese notary is authorised to instrument any corporate law transaction on the premises of DMR PARTNERS throughout Switzerland without geographical restrictions. The same applies, for example, to wills, inheritance agreements or mandates on grounds of incapacity. However, DMR PARTNERS will provide you with the instrumentation and coordination of your real estate transactions throughout Switzerland and abroad.

DMR PARTNERS works in close collaboration with notaries throughout Switzerland (translations into national languages other than those of the notary who handles the transaction, interpreting services, information on cantonal practices, coordination of successive inter-cantonal and international instruments, informal client meetings with meal and overnight accommodation arrangements and any special requests, within the limits of legality).


DMR PARTNERS calls upon, as needed and in cases where the lawyers' monopoly applies, the specialized lawyers required to ensure maximum efficiency in the execution of the mandates entrusted to it, thanks to its many trusted contacts in all regions of the country and beyond. These lawyers, working at least in the three national languages as well as in English, come to our Firm, unless there are special requests or needs, in which case your DMR PARTNERS representatives will accompany you outside their offices. The lawyers will be proposed to you during a preliminary interview and after defining the legal framework of the mandate entrusted to you.

Lawyers who wish to do so may call on DMR PARTNERS to organise special meetings with their clients or informal client meetings with the organisation of meals and overnight accommodation and any special requests, within the limits of the law.